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Wing Chun is based on fighting principles that can give you life saving knowledge and skills.

Wing Chun is a logical, scientific and yet simple martial art. Founded in China 400 Years ago, Created at the famous Shaolin Temple the founding base for all martial arts. Wing Chun is an advanced, practical style of fighting and self-defense that focuses on sensitivity and reaction as opposed to the use of strength and predetermined motion.  The system is designed to be an extremely effective art of defense for anyone who trains in it, regardless of size or strength. This incredibly efficient system is ‘easy to learn, but hard to master’.

Students of the Wing Chun system will practice three hand forms, the Muk Jong (Wooden Man) form, and two weapons forms (long pole and knives).

The application of the motions found in the forms is practiced through Chi Sau, also known as “sticky hands”. Students will spend a lot of time practicing Chi Sau with one another to help develop structure, sensitivity, positioning, timing, and control.

Classes are non-competitive and every student learns at the pace they set for themselves.


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We are driven to give you the most complete martial art in self-defense. Wing Chun is not about tournaments and belts; it’s to teach the individual how to protect themselves effectively and realistically in the streets regardless of that person’s size, age, or sex. Wing Chun can enhance your way of living – physically, mentally and spiritually. Find out what makes our Wing Chun so unique.

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