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Quad Cities, Iowa is home of Ip Man Lineage Wing Chun.

Classes are always going on please (visit) the Contact Us Page to request more information on how you can become a student.



  • Reduction of school hours and the qty of student per class will be enforced during this time along with distancing between our training.
  • Good weather class will be split inside and outside.
  • Classes will be done Via Zoom and in smaller groups to ensure the safety of all our students.  (There will be no new students for this coming November and December)
  • Masks are Mandatory at all times and has to fit your face 100%. “we have extra if you forgot yours.”
  • Hand Sanitizer is used before, in the middle and between working out as well as at the end.
  • If you should feel ill, sick or have a family or friend member you have been in contact with, there will be a two week quarantine from physical school as you can still attend our zoom class then return with the all clear note.
  • Standard cleaning of facility will be key after each class.
  • We will review every week / month as to the Covid status and make appropriate decisions and accommodations to ensure the family is healthy.

Continue to be safe and keep up with your part in keeping others safe.

Quad City Wing Chun Chris Kellner

A lot of activity this year make sure that your staying up to date with our Facebook page.

Day Classes and Night Classes have been added in

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The school is growing more and more each day from all the hard work the students have been putting in. Multiple advancements within the school with students moving up in levels.  I am very proud of all the students and their personal growth within the Wing Chun system.

Sifu Li Yun Tung (Eric Li) Sifu Chris Kellner w/ Students

Wing Chun Society Iowa

Wing Chun Society Quad Cities

(Ving Tsun / Wing Chun) introduction classes 

This is great for any new student and perspective students wanting to see what the VTMAA has to offerYou will be introduced to basic fundamentals of the Ving Tsun / Wing Chun system.

Interested please contact Sifu Chris Kellner directly @ or call 563-349-6996 to set up an appointment.