Ving Tsun Martial Art Association Instructors:

Si-Fu  Perla Kellner

Si-Fu Perla Kellner has been involved with Chinese Kung Fu since 1997.  Perla has assisted in multiple seminars teaching self-defense for the local community and assisted in special law enforcement seminars.

Gau Lin Instructor – Roy Dorsett

Roy Dorsett has been committed to his Wing Chun training since joining the school in early 2014. Roy is extremely passionate about Kung Fu and relishes his time spent practicing the art, whether he is taking private lessons, participating in or leading class, or working independently. Roy received his training and certification from Sifu Chris Kellner and is very dedicated to his Kung Fu family. He is looking forward to continuing his status as a life-long learner of the Wing Chun system.

-Only instructors listed here hold current approved teaching status-